Industrial Photography

Bop RPM 15E upgrade Northam  (46)

I had forgotten how much fun it is to do industrial photography until I got a 3 day commission from a big road building client. The civil engineers and other staff you meet are rugged and down to earth and too busy getting on with the job to be massaging their egos. I got to be lifted up in an excavator and ride in the cab of a crane truck on just the first day!

So what’s different about industrial photography? For one safety is a big issue. If you are out on the road a safety jacket and closed shoes are  a must and a hard hat is essential if you’re in a factory or on a construction site. Make sure that everyone else is wearing the correct equipment too (goggles, nose masks or whatever) or the photos will be rejected. Keep your wits about you and watch what everyone else is doing. You may want to ask the company to assign someone to “watch your back”.

Other than that it’s all good. You are an anomaly on site and a change of scenery, so everyone is especially friendly and interested in what you are doing. Machine operators are happy to repeat an action if you ask and if you watch carefully you will see how everyone is working together and be able to predict what’s about to happen next.

All in all there’s something satisfying about coming home covered in mud and blackjacks!

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